Saturday 16 February 2013

Holiday in Whangarei

Martin and I have just got home from a week in Whangarei visitng his parents.  I made it on one outing there: to the A.H. Reed Memorial Park - a patch of forest that includes a boardwalk up near the tree canopy!  It was lovely being there.  Martin also went on a few walks with Dad, including up their local hill - Parahaki.

Photos of those outings, as well as a few from around the house, are up on flickr.  There's also a kind of panorama from the canopy boardwalk here.  If you click on the photo it'll scan around the panorama, but using the mouse you can also look up to the sky and down to the ground.  That was Martin's first go using the fancy panorama feature on his new phone :-)

Incidentally, I remain quite stunned at how well I'm doing since I started taking the ribose back in August.  I've recently reduced my dose (standard advice is that you should do this after about 4 weeks but it was never the right time for me to do this until a week or two back...) and my energy levels have still remained high.  At least, high for me, that is!

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  1. Looks like a lovely place (the walk)! We have a great walk just out of Napier that has a boardwalk for wheelchairs and prams, it's so handy. Glad the energy is holding up. x