Thursday 22 September 2022

Foraging fun

On Monday, for my Sabbath 'fun thing', I went for a wander looking for edible plants.  I was particularly interested in nasturtiums and jasmine, both of which I'd recently learned could be used to make cordial.  I was also wanting to see if I could ID some giant daisies that I was hoping might be edible oxeye daisies.

Success on all fronts!

nasturtium flowers - about 2/3 of an ice cream container worth

Saturday 17 September 2022

The Justice Conference and its aftermath

Two weeks ago today, we were at the Justice Conference with Just Kai.  It was a good day, but long and tiring - especially as I forgot to rest basically all afternoon and into the evening :-(

Lots of people seemed interested in what we had to say - quite a few didn't seem that aware of the issue of slavery in our food supply, and lots were encouraged to see brands they already bought on our table of 'good' options :-)