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Kākā Cam

In recent weeks I've been greatly enjoying watching kākā cam: a live stream of a kākā nest.  It's a project of Wellington City Council - one of a 'halo' of nesting boxes they've set up around Zealandia.

When Sarah first introduced it to me a couple of weeks ago, the chicks were just (highly active) balls of fluff.  Now their wings seem to be almost fully fledged and they have distinct parrot beaks.  They keep trying to flex their wings and to (presumably) sharpen their beaks on the wooden walls of the nest, although their main activities continue to be standing on each other and wrestling :-)  Yesterday I noticed their mum grooming them for the first time, and she seems to be spending much greater periods away from the nest now than she used to.  They're not changing so much day-to-day as they were earlier, but I'm still finding it fascinating.  I've never been able to watch a nest like this before and I'm loving it!

PS It seems to use very little b…

Human selfishness/sinfulness

Update: a video of me sharing this story at my church is now available here.
Recently, a friend came over for a cuppa.  There'd been a story in the news about some restaurant owners who'd been paying their staff well under minimum wage and making them work huge numbers of hours per week.

My friend was flabbergasted by the situation.  She kept saying she couldn't understand it, and struggled to understand 'man's inhumanity to man'.

Her reaction surprised me: it didn't seem that difficult to understand.  To me, it was yet another example of the selfishness that runs deep in all of us.

I felt I didn't respond to her comments very well at the time: I kept on referring to other 'distant' situations so kept the focus on 'those terrible people', rather than on how we all do this kind of thing.  But I kept thinking about it and came to feel that God wanted me to raise it again with her and tell her how I saw the situation.  I've been prayin…

Christmas presents done!

I can't quite believe it!

I set myself a target of finishing our Christmas presents and Christmas letter two months before my brother and family arrive, in order to give myself a good opportunity to rest.  It didn't really feel possible, but I found a bunch of ways to simplify what I normally do and gave it my best shot.  And now, right on target, all the presents (except for perishable food ones) are not only done, but wrapped!  I doubt the Christmas letter will be finished by the end of today, but I've still done much better than I really believed possible :-)


Kelly Tarlton's

On Tuesday we visited Kelly Tarlton's.  It's been in the planning for around a year, and we were delighted to finally make it reality!  My recent cold and ear troubles meant I wasn't as well-rested beforehand as would have been ideal, but we managed to spend around four hours there (including lunch and two substantial rest breaks) and got around the whole display.  It was great!  Very tired now, though :-(

You can see more photos from our visit on flickr, here.  Click on each photo for a description of what's going on.  Make sure you mute your computer's audio before viewing either of the videos: our camera adds horrid sounds to all videos...

The next two months are now blocked out for resting: my brother and his family will be visiting in December/January, as will Martin's Thai sister and her husband.  No more fun outings till they arrive, and no more seeing my friends till well after they've gone.  It was great we got to sneak this in first :-)