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Praying for help for non-Christians

I've been reflecting a lot in recent months on what I can pray for non-Christians.

God says that whatever we pray 'in His name' will be done.  I've always been taught that 'in His name' means 'consistent with what He wants' - i.e. our praying should be theologically/Biblically correct if we want to be confident that what we pray for will happen.

So far this year I've been asked to pray for the (non-Christian) parents of one my friends when their son (my friend's brother) died suddenly.  I've also been asked to pray for the (non-Christian) brother-in-law of another friend during an anxious wait for surgery on a brain tumour.  I also have non-Christian friends of my own who are going through the mill with a variety of difficult health and work situations that have hit them all at once.

It seems the natural thing to do would be to pray that each of these people would know peace and, in the case of my own friends, that their job situation would …

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