Monday 22 April 2024

A little holiday at home

Martin and I were due a 5-day mini break this weekend.  With my ongoing concussion issues, I found the logistics of planning an actual trip away too daunting - plus, the idea of sleeping in a tent didn't much appeal, as I'm still strapping my arm every night to treat an entrapped ulnar nerve.  So we decided on a 'staycation'.  I mostly had the internet off, and didn't use my computer except for a twice-daily concussion exercise that involved watching a video.  We bought in some yummy food, sourced a good book and had a weekend mostly without plans.  It's been really nice :-) 

banana cake for yummy snacks

Saturday 13 April 2024

Rainbow walks for concussion

As part of my concussion recovery, I'm doing very short daily walks.  For one week I alternated between 8 and 3 minute walks (my CFS doesn't like me doing the longer one every day); the next week it was 10 and 4 minute walks; and this past week it's been 12 and 5 minute walks.

Each walk takes an identical route, which has been pretty tedious, so my friend Anna suggested I take photos of the colours of the rainbow, to give me a focus.  It worked startlingly well, and has been really fun!  Here's my favourite photo from each of my most recent seven longer walks: