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A fun day in lockdown

After a string of pretty tired days, today has been lovely :-)It started with sourdough biscuits and gravy for breakfast (biscuits in the American sense, and the sourdough made using the pulp left over from making soy milk).
Then I went back to bed for a few hours' rest, before getting into swimming clothes, borrowing Sarah's electric bike and heading to Blockhouse Bay beach.

The electric bike was so easy!  I whizzed up the hills - vastly less work than the regular bike, and less hassle than the bus.  I won't be making this my standard way to get to Blockhouse Bay, but it's nice to have it as an option for tireder days like today :-)Here's a diagram I did earlier of roughly where I swim.  This time I took the bike all the way down to the start rather than leaving the bike at the top of the hill (which I do to avoid having to bike up a super-steep hill straight after swimming), so today was mostly just a swim, rather than the usual bike/walk/swim triathlon.
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