Tuesday 7 January 2014

We went to the beach!

Martin and I are in Whangarei, staying with his parents for two weeks.  The highlight for me has definitely been getting to go to the beach!  We've been twice - on Wednesday of last week then again yesterday.  It took a lot of preparatory resting to manage it, plus a lot of help whilst there, but it was so much fun!

Martin and Dad assembling the beach wheelchair

Picnic day 1 - the shelter was my Christmas present from Martin

Entering the water

At our beautiful picnic spot, day 2

Day 2 picnic

A very happy Heather

Mum 'swimming' with us - she seemed keen to minimise contact with the water!

We had a lovely time.  The water was warm and the weather was perfect :-)

There are a few more pics up on flickr.


  1. v creative! and u had some sun too! Allan

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