Tuesday 18 March 2014

Resting to love

During Lent I'm doing the daily reflection I've used previously (and which you can find at the bottom of this post).  In recent days it's given me a new commitment to take good rests during the day.  I've realised that, if I don't rest, it's harder for me to hear from God, harder for me to reflect with Him throughout my day, and harder for me to love my neighbour.

I've heard people say that the command to 'love your neighbour as yourself' contains an implicit command to love yourself.  I've always been uncomfortable with that: it's felt like an interpretation that takes the sting out of a really challenging call.*  But, in the last few days, I've realised (again?) that, if I don't take at least basic care of myself, I'm less patient with people, less humble in my interactions, less generous etc.

* There's a wee video here of me reflecting on this call a few years ago.

So now I'm approaching my days with a renewed commitment to:
  • my 5 daily 'special rests' (where I do absolutely nothing - not even staring out the window);
  • avoiding playing Solitaire in my 'down times' (unless I need to to avoid doing more tiring things like surfing the internet);
  • to listening to my body and slowing down or going back to bed earlier than scheduled if that's what it feels like I need.
Today's gone well :-)  Let's see about tomorrow!

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