Sunday 17 August 2014

Big Fair Bake

The Big Fair Bake has come around again. It's an annual competition to bake something using at least two fair trade ingredients. You take a photo of yourself with your baking and the fair trade ingredients and submit it along with a statement about what you baked and why you chose to bake fair.  Here's my entry.

I baked Fair-nando bananas in their skins and served them with hokey pokey icecream, crushed roasted almonds and a chocolate sauce made with TradeAid cocoa.  They were yummy and we could really enjoy them, knowing that no one had been abused growing the cocoa or bananas.  I've heard that workers on regular banana and cocoa plantations are often treated really badly.  Men get punished for trying to get protective equipment to use when spraying bananas with chemicals that make them infertile, and children are even kept as slaves on cocoa plantations and beaten with bicycle chains if they don't work hard enough!  I don't want people to go through that just so I can have a delicious treat.

(last year's entry is here)


  1. We already get fair trade bananas, but oh my goodness, I didn't realise the terrible things that happen to these poor people! This looks very yummy and you're looking gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! And it's crazy the things people can get away with in the way they treat other people :-( We won't buy regular bananas or cocoa products any more - if we can't find or make a fair trade version we just do without. It's not right to have people go through such awful things for stuff that we don't actually need...