Friday 27 March 2015

Easter egg day 2015

In what is becoming an annual tradition, yesterday Anna came over for the day and we made Easter eggs :-)  We do this because we love Easter eggs, but don't want to get them at the expense of the children who get beaten up on cocoa plantations and the adults who are also enslaved there.  No one in New Zealand makes fair trade Easter eggs (except plain hollow chocolate ones), so we make our own.  We do milk chocolate marshmallow eggs, milk chocolate 'creme eggs' and dark chocolate peppermint 'creme eggs'.

Anna working hard

The first completed 'creme eggs' (mould in background)

It takes A LOT of chocolate - we used around 1.25kg to make nearly 100 eggs!

Me coating marshmallow inners with chocolate (in the background you can see cake tins weighing down other marshmallow eggs as they bond together).
Completed marshmallow eggs - in egg cartons, of course :-)

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