Wednesday 13 December 2017

Christmas is coming

There's not much energy to spare at the moment, but I did find some time to put up a few decorations in our room over the last few days.

When I lie in bed, I'm now looking straight at this:

The 'hope' bears are from Martin's Aunty Elspeth and the holly tablecloth was a wedding present from friends from my church in Switzerland.  The broom flowers are in honour of our wedding anniversary - when we got married, Mummy made bouquets of them for our flower girls :-)

In front of the broom flowers is our Advent 'wreath'.  The plate it's on belongs to my parents and was painted by my nephew, Aidan.
My 'tea station' has also been spruced up with a Christmas runner Keith and Carolyn gave us a few years back as well as the place mats that go with the holly tablecloth:

We even have a 'tree' - a Christmas-tree-shaped Christmas tree decoration made a few years back by our neighbour, Shirley.  It's hanging from a nail off the bookcase next to the bed:

And we're trying to prepare ourselves for Christmas, too.  As we light the advent candles we've been working through this Advent devotional, plus many days I've been able to make time to read and reflect on a poem from Haphazard by Starlight.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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