Sunday 8 July 2018

Bear Cam

In recent days I have been very much enjoying watching bear cam - a live stream of Brooks Falls in Alaska where brown bears are eating their fill of leaping salmon.  It's stunning!
Eight bears fishing the main falls yesterday.

And another four at about the same time fishing the 'riffles' a bit downstream.
If you'd like to join in, the main website to watch is here.  That will bring up the video of the main camera, as well as snapshots of the action from all the other cameras running in the general area.  Those are updated every few minutes so it's worth glancing at them occasionally to see if anything interesting is happening elsewhere in the Brooks River area: if you click on a snapshot the video at the top will change to its live stream.  As well as two cameras at the falls themselves, there is one a bit further downriver, two where the river feeds into Naknek Lake (those are where you're most likely to see 'cubs of the year' - the smallest cubs that are only a few months old), one up on a nearby mountain (with scenic views and the occasional bear) and even one under water where you can sometimes see absolute walls of salmon. 

I've seen way more salmon than this on the underwater cam, but even this snap taken right now was pretty impressive!
If you'd like to watch the bears but your internet connection isn't great, it might be best to click on one of those links to a particular camera, as the main website is quite 'heavy'.


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