Friday 10 May 2019

I'm sick

I've got some kind of cold/flu thing and have mostly been in bed since Friday last week (that's 8 days now).  I keep on thinking I'm getting better (and yesterday even walked a circuit of our street with Martin) but then I don't.  I have a yucky, gunky cough and runny nose, my head is fuzzy and I just want to sleep.

Martin probably caught the same thing, but he only had one and a half days off work earlier this week.

Maybe periods of illness like this will also be part of my new normal?  I can think of a number of occasions in the distant pre-CFS past where I had 1-2 weeks in bed with a virus or tummy bug.  Now that I'm out in public more again (and now that my immune system is no longer in the hyperactive state CFS likely put it in) maybe that will be how it is again.


  1. I had a bad flu/cold in February/March and had to go to doctor 3 times. Finally ended up on antibiotics and then I started to get better. But I'm still in CFS stage not pre-CFS. Are you saying you don't usually get a cold or flu or just that it lasts longer than with others? No doubt being out in public more often exposes you to more bugs.

  2. Just rest and drink lots of fluids too. It's best not to push yourself when you are not well. I send you good thoughts for better health soon.