Wednesday 8 February 2023

Neighbourhood gardening update

In December I wrote about some gardening I'd done in my local area - here's a bit of an update.

This morning I buzzed out to Heron Park on my bike.  There's a surprisingly substantial wee orchard there:

I gave a decent dose of blood and bone fertiliser to all the trees that had set fruit - 4-5 apple trees, a pear tree and my key goal - the quince tree :-)

the quince is covered in fruit - click on the photo to see it better.

so much fruit!  Puts our quince tree to shame.  It's not much smaller, but has only set 3 fruit on the entire tree :-(  Most of our garden gets no light...

I then biked on to Rosebank Road, along to Patiki Road and back home along the Northwestern cycle way.  It was such a lovely day for a ride and it was such a happy thing to do :-)  There was absolutely no debris on the path, which was nice - maybe the storm didn't deposit any there, but more likely someone's done a decent job cleaning it all up :-)

Back home, I took a few more photos.  Firstly, the rose I transplanted back in December is doing so well - it's had near-continuous flowers for weeks now :-)

it's such a pretty rose!

At the same time I'd also transplanted (and divided) a clump of what I think is a tufted granite lily - an Australian native.  After transplanting, all the flowers died and lots of the leaves went black - but now all the plants are showing fresh green leaves, so hopefully they'll survive :-)



  1. We learnt with our feijoa tree how important it is to prune... when we pruned lightly for a year or two then failed to prune for a year, the fruit got really small, and the leaves were looking unhealthy. We then pruned it heavily and the new growth is beautiful and lush, and the fruit is big again. I know some types of fruit trees don't really need pruning (like orange trees), but if the ones in Heron Park don't provide a good crop it might just be that they need pruning.

    1. You're right. Pruning feels beyond me, but the quince, in particular, badly needs it. I did put a note to that effect on the local Facebook page, but no one stepped up to say they were keen. It's a bit of an awkward location for pruning - it's on a moderately steep slope and the tree's quite tall - but hopefully someone else will step up! But, with the fertiliser, it's looking way healthier than this time last year, at least.

    2. And I didn't notice I was 'anonymous', sorry - that was me :-)