Friday 4 March 2011


Our garden brings me so much joy!

This is what I look across at each day while I eat my lunch and get my Vitamin D:

The bumble bees absolutely love these flowers (Jerusalem artichokes) and I've had fun watching them through my binoculars out my bedroom window as they go about their business collecting pollen.

We're also harvesting all kinds of interesting things at the moment.  Nothing in vast quantities, but I'm enjoying figs (the first year our tree has fruited), tomatoes, beans, herbs, the occasional strawberry and now:

our first watermelon!  It's a 'sugar baby' and supposed to be small (the coffee plunger is for scale), and it was yummy.  We've got another three pretty much ready, and a few more that will hopefully get up to size before it's too cold for them.

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