Wednesday 30 March 2011


Our Jerusalem Artichokes really are the gift that keeps on giving!

The flowers have all finished now and we're just waiting for the plants to die back before going hunting for tubers.  But then on Sunday afternoon I noticed some goldfinches eating seeds (presumably) out of the flower heads.  Martin and I were transfixed, often laughing, seeing one clinging upside down on a wildly swinging stem pecking up at a flower head, then another perched precariously on a head itself, picking between it's toes.  Maybe next year we won't be dead-heading the plants as the flowers die?

(Apologies for the poor quality pics - we were inside, and I actually did most of my bird-watching with binoculars!)

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  1. Amazing how little everyday creatures can hold one's attention when you really focus on them :-) We had geckos come to our kitchen window each night in Rarotonga, attracted by the light and the insects, and we could watch for ages as they darted around.

    From our side of the glass it was a worm's eye view, of their bellies and the soles of their feet. We called it Gecko TV and it never lost its magic!