Monday 22 May 2017

Some surprising visitors

This afternoon I heard a bird fly past my window - it was loud and looked, from the corner of my eye, to be large.  I assumed it was a kereru that had been feasting on our guavas. and eagerly craned for a better look. To my surprise, I saw this on the neighbour's porch:

A pukeko!!  A pukeko had flown past my window!  We get them on the lawn sometimes, as we live near Te Auaunga/Oakley Creek, but a flying one is something new!

It was soon joined by a friend - this one hanging out on our fence.

Ultimately there were three or possibly four, although I only got a good look at these two.

They hung out for 10 minutes or so, just walking around on the fences and preening themselves.

Sarah's cat was most interested, although she never got very close to them.

It was a delightful and most unexpected surprise :-)

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