Wednesday 3 October 2018

Happy Birthday to me :-)

It was my birthday on Saturday.  We were staying at my parents' place and I had a few friends over for afternoon tea.

Sarah and Anna

Temi in her fabulous dress


My mum and me
 Martin made me a delicious (and beautiful) pear and walnut cake.

I got lovely presents, including this beautiful African violet from my mum :-)

It was nice to spend some time at my parents' place.  I hadn't been there since they moved in February.  I particularly liked their very sunny balcony, from which I saw zillions of birds :-)

Since we got home on Sunday I've been enjoying our bluebells, which are just getting started.

And today I dug out some Jerusalem artichokes.  We mostly grow them for their glorious flowers, but the roots are also very yummy.  The plants grow from a network of roots that spread under the ground; when they start popping up too far away from the fence, I dig out those roots and set aside any that are big enough to eat.  Here's today's (modest) haul :-)

It's only about 200g, but they'll be yum :-)

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