Saturday 22 September 2018

Things I'm enjoying looking at :-)

We have a wee raised area on the corner of the wheelchair ramp where I keep pots.  I'm particularly enjoying some of them right now.

A 'coral' manuka that I'm keeping in a pot until it's big enough for the flower garden.

Some tulips a colleague gave Sarah.

A succulent from my mum that's just starting to flower
There's some cool things indoors, too :-)

The absolutely awesome pop-up card Martin's parents gave him for his birthday.

My begonia, which dies back every winter, has just got its first wee shoots (it's leaves are dark red so the new shoots are pink - you can see a few pink flecks around the middle of the picture).
And bear cam has been quite delightful this week.  It's the time of year when mum's bring their fat cubs back to the Brooks Falls area.

Bear 132 and her new-season cub (everyone in the chat community is rooting for this cub as it used to have a twin, but that cub was killed by accident when it got too close to two big bears fighting).

Bear 132's cub standing (it stood for ages - it was remarkably stable).

Bear 402 with four cubs (although they snuggled so close together I could rarely see more than two at a time!).  They were super-cute together.

A young bear taking a snooze.

I don't think a photo would have conveyed it very well, but one of the cubs in the family of four had me chuckling out loud the other day.  It had got hold of its very own salmon and was so enthusiastic in its eating of it, including spending a considerable time holding it above its head so it could munch at it from below :-)

And it's not all bears and salmon - this Bald Eagle was pretty impressive, too.

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