Sunday 31 March 2019

Mokoroa Falls

Yesterday Martin and I went for a wee tramp with my long-standing tramping buddies Anna and David.  It was super-nice to be doing something like that again!  We did the Mokoroa Falls Track: one of the few tracks in the Waitakere Ranges still open (most are closed to try and prevent Kauri dieback, but this one has been resurfaced and is apparently OK).  It was about 4km of walking and, whilst most of it was on a very well-formed track or was stairs, around the bottom of the actual falls there was a bit of scrambling to be done.  It was fun!

David and Martin cleaning their shoes as we entered the track

The falls from the top.  We had lunch to the far left of the photo.  Note the two waterfalls - the one in the middle but also one falling from the left of the picture.


Anna with David behind

me :-)

the waterfall from our lunch spot

sticky rice for lunch :-)
heading back

millions of steps

We saw a bunch of these amazingly vivid purple berries - they're turutu (Dianella nigra), a native lily.

Finally at the top!

taking a break on the way back - even after the stairs it was still mostly uphill

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