Saturday 23 November 2019

A cycling cap for me!

Over the years I've made several cycle caps for Martin, as well as one for Sarah.  Now there's one for me, too!

front view - and yes, that is violin music in the background :-)

side view

back view.  This really does make me think of a Victorian folly - all those wee flowers are hand-embroidered and, whilst fun to do, took absolutely ages for no particular purpose!
The embroidery on the brim is reflective for extra-safety at night!

I'll wear the cap under my helmet (making all that embroidery on the back extra-pointless, in a way).  The sharply-downward-angled brim will shield my eyes from sun and rain, although it only comes out a tiny way so won't protect my nose...  It also has a sweat band on the inside - and my mobile phone number, which will hopefully help it come back if ever I lose it somewhere.

I tried it out on Thursday, when I biked to my parents' for the first time.  It's not all that far away (a bit shy of 6km, similar to my friend Anna's house), but it does include a big hill going down and back up Blockhouse Bay Rd.

You can kind-of see in this screenshot from Google Maps how the road just disappears down the hill, and then comes up the other side similarly steeply.

Still, we made it OK, despite a bit of a headwind all the way!

if you click on the photo, you can see a wee bit of the reflective stitching on the brim - I think from a shaft of light through the helmet vents hitting the otherwise shaded cap.

I did get a lift home, but I'm still stoked to have biked that far.

And isn't my mum's garden lovely?!

I especially like the mounds of glorious blue/purple lobelias.  We've got one at our place, too, and I'd been puzzling as to where it came from - after seeing Mummy's I realised it had popped up in a pot she'd given me :-)

And lastly, and not-cycle-cap-related, last weekend my very good friends John and Rose celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  I've known them since I was eleven, when they had three children and had been married about 8 years.  Here they are now, with 8 of their 11 children (9 were there, but one had to leave early), three sons-in-law and all five grandchildren.  It was so neat to be able to celebrate with them, at a lovely lunch organised by their two eldest daughters.

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