Saturday 28 August 2021

Unexpectedly 'visiting' the Philippines

Today we went on a household excursion to Rizal Reserve.  It turns out to be named in honour of José Rizal: a Philippine nationalist who seems to have been quite the polymath!  There's a monument to him there, put up by the local Philippine community.

I'm not sure what the Philippine connection to the area is, but there's a Corregidor Place running more-or-less parallel to the park, too.

Looking across the Whau estuary/river past some cool, twisted branches, across the mangroves and through to the backs of some industrial buildings

I liked the archway these trees made.

a fence across the path
And here the path stopped.  There had been an (open) fence earlier, so we're not sure if this fence was to stop us getting to the other side or if it was actually trying to stop us from getting where we were!  Hi ho...

After an hour or so we headed back home and Martin made us sourdough crumpets :-)


Nothing Philippine about crumpets (that I'm aware of), but lunch continued with the Philippine theme.  Last week Martin went to Lim's to buy some groceries and saw they had pork tongues, so today we had pork tongue asado - a classic Philippine dish and one of my favourite things :-)

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