Monday, 4 October 2021

Back at Oakley Creek :-)

I've been avoiding Oakley Creek/Te Auaunga since we went into lockdown back in August.  The paths are narrow and it's super-popular - I found it impossible to stay 2 metres away from people there.  But today, on a somewhat grey day, I decided to take the risk and head down right as the 4pm levels adjustment announcement started.  I hoped that most people would be glued to their radios and TVs and I'd have the place to myself.  I was right :-)  And it was so good to be back!

A bend in the Creek right near the entrance from our street.  The water was running high and cloudy after all the rain last night.

A cabbage tree/tī kōuka in flower up near Harbutt Reserve

New growth on a young tōtara - coming in a much greyer colour than the more brownish/yellowish established leaves.

I loved all the cheerful clumps of daisies in the grassy area on the other side of the creek from us.

A tiny mānuka (or kānuka?) flowering its wee heart out :-)

I love the vivid golden yellow of kōwhai at this time of year :-)

Another stretch of creek as I headed back towards home - so lush with all the spring growth around.

It's such a treasure having the Creek so close, and it was a delight to spend time there today :-)

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