Sunday 20 February 2022

Whangarei, December 2021

Over Christmas, Martin and I were in Whangarei visiting his parents.  One highlight was visiting the (then-not-quite-yet-opened) Hundertwasser Art Centre.  I thought it I'd left it too late to post photos from our trip, but a Swiss friend mentioned she loves Hundertwasser's work so I thought, rather than just sending her our photos, I'd put them up here :-)

It's a striking and delightfully fun building!

The same day we visited the Hundertwasser centre, we also walked part of the nearby 'Loop'.  Along the way, we saw these astonishingly tall mangroves.

The main other outing I did while we were there, was to the local water reservoir.  It's a beautiful spot.

Martin's parents kindly gave us the use of their bedroom while we were staying with them.  I was amused it came with a set of tiny hooks, just the right size to air our masks when they weren't in use!  (Normally they're used for necklaces, belts etc.)

And it was lovely to be greeted with this sign when we arrived :-)

Because of Covid, we decided to drive up to Whangarei, rather than take the bus (our more usual route in recent years).  I asked the bus company if their air conditioning just recirculated the same air or was always bringing in fresh air and they couldn't tell me (it varies from bus to bus, and they couldn't say which bus would be used on a particular route on a particular day.  Sigh.).  Still, the carbon emissions for the two of us were only 73kg CO2e (over and above our normal baseline emissions) for the 8 days, which wasn't too bad.

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