Sunday 20 November 2016

Pork buns!!

One thing we've never come across in Auckland is pork buns made from free range pork.  We both love pork buns, so yesterday Martin had a go at making them himself.  They were really yummy, and not that hard.  We'll definitely be making them again!

half a pork bun on a plate

We used this recipe, and marinated the pork in Lobo Roast Red Pork Seasoning Mix before roasting.  Here are some pictures of the process :-)

Martin checking the recipe on his laptop in the kitchen - some pork buns on pieces of baking paper are in front of him.

Five pork buns on pieces of baking paper in a large bamboo steamer

Large bamboo steamer, covered and sitting in wok on stove
Mum and Dad eating pork buns in our lounge.  Mum is bringing hers to her mouth, Dad is smiling.

Heather sitting in comfy chair with pork bun and embroidery on her lap.

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