Thursday 9 March 2017

A swim at Pt. Chev.

On Monday, we went for a swim at Pt. Chev. beach with our good friend Anna.

We had the absolute perfect day for it - sunny and warm and still.  It was lovely going down the path to the water, with native trees arching above us.  It was glorious being in the water.  As ever, the other people there were friendly and encouraging: one lady sunbathing on the beach even said it'd "made her day" seeing the three of us swimming together.  After our swim we had ice creams whilst Anna waited for her bus :-)

Heather and Anna enjoying ice creams.
Martin and Heather enjoying ice creams.

Resting in Coyle Park before going home
The pohutakawa above me still had lots of flowers (albeit wispy ones) and it was fun watching the bees buzzing around amongst them.
As ever - we needed a truly remarkable amount of stuff for the outing!
Yay for a two-swim summer!

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